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Heating help centre

Free, impartial guides & tools to help you with your home heating. We cover gas, oil and electric boilers, heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps, hydrogen boilers and high temperature heat pumps.

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12 steps to a new boiler

We've grouped together our 12 core guides to a new boiler installation. Get the guidance you need before you buy.

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Boiler Cost Calculator

Use our fast and free calculator to get an estimate of cost for your new boiler. No personal details are required.

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Get Hero Support

Let us do it for you and deliver the best heating system for your budget
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Renewable Help Centre

We review the future of heating in the UK in our comprehensive renewables section.

Central heating guides

From power-flushing to cost guides for common upgrades, we guide you on the heating system beyond your boiler.

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Electric heating systems

Is electric heating becoming more attractive to fit? We explore the latest electric boilers and run cost comparisons with other heating systems.


Heat Pumps

Are air source heat pumps our future? All you need to know in our comprehensive guide.

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Oil boiler help-centre

The most comprehensive set of guides to oil boilers systems on the internet, we think so. Find out all you need to know.

Are you off grid?

Oil v LPG v Electric boilers. We review the pros and cons of each.

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Gas Boiler Basics

Read our quick guide to gas boilers with links off to more detailed gas boiler articles, from repairs to energy costs and replacement to sizing.

Combi boiler guides

Which is the best combi? Is a combi right for my home? Browse our comprehensive and impartial guides.

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Boiler Installations during Covid-19

Read our best practice guidance for a managing a new boiler installation.

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Skip to best gas boilers

We cut through the marketing blurb to bring you the best gas boilers without bias.

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Thermostats & smart controls

The most complex area of any heating system. We guide you on types of thermostat and compatibility.

What makes a good installer?

99% of installers have not been trained to set boilers up to run at their higher efficiencies. Find out what makes a competent installer.

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Boiler insurance

We have reviewed the T&Cs of 9 boiler cover policies. See what's left out of your policy and make a best buy.

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Boiler and heating basics

Go back to basics on boilers with our high level guide on all types of heating systems.

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