About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the way people buy a boiler. We want to make it simple for our customers to research a new boiler, get a quote and book a trusted local installer to come and install it. All on the same quick and easy online platform.

Our Purpose:

  1. To provide visitors with quality, impartial information on all aspects of heating in a way that is easy to understand.
  2. To present great local, independent heating businesses for our visitors to use. It is incredibly hard for small businesses to ‘get found’ online because Google is dominated by bigger organisations. We believe small business provide great value and exceptional customer service. We are here to support local businesses and help visitors find their local heating team.

The Heating Hub started life as a local heating company, founded in part by Jo Alsop. Through her endeavours to get her own business found online, and with a natural flare for writing very openly about the industry, Jo wrote content that attracted a national audience. Realising the popularity of her writing, she wrote more pages and attracted more visitors.

Jo teamed up with two great Kent business leaders to consider how her website could work as a standalone business. Jo was keen to help other small businesses like hers, as they found it hardest to compete online. She also wanted to bring convenience and usability to using a local company via her site

The Heating Hub concept was born, in three clear sections:

1. Boiler Information:

  • A ‘handbook’ for customers on their heating system;
  • A revealing look at industry operators; and
  • Lots and lots of buying guides that help compare like with like
2. Get a Quote - a calculator tool designed to:

  • Help you get an estimate of installation cost based on your circumstances
  • Select boiler models according to budget, warranty length, dimensions of the boiler (for cupboard fit)
3. Find a local installer

  • We’ll put you in touch with great local installers that meet our criteria, for example, they must be a local business and employ most of their engineers
  • COMING SOON – an on line booking system for our visitors to book direct the to their chosen companies’ diaries.

We are still quite new! We have grown organically and we want to get it right for our visitors and our network. We want the right companies on the network and the right booking system for our visitors to use. We will get there! Our aim is to be relevant and convenient to all parties.