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We've merged with renewables tech firm, Warmur


Jo Alsop

Heating Hero

The Heating Hub

We're taking the next step in our plan to get all households personalised, independent help with their heating & energy systems 


We’re delighted to announce that The Heating Hub has merged with renewables tech innovator, Warmur, as we take the next step to providing top-notch help for all households.

For three years we’ve pioneered impartial and expert advice to households, helping them to save money and transition to renewable technologies. The popularity of our services and demand for our handpicked installer network tells us that households are in search of help not available anywhere else in the UK.

Our merger is the first step to scaling our unique, personalised plans and helping more people make better buying decisions. With a quarter of households actively looking for advice on off-peak tariffs, energy efficient home improvements or accessing grants*, we are perfectly positioned to meet this demand.

Warmur Technology was founded by tech entrepreneur Alex Butcher, who initially started working on a software solution to provide answers for his own home electrification project. Like many he had struggled to find a tailored solution that calculated the combined benefits of heat pumps, solar, batteries and time of use tariffs.

The Warmur calculator takes a unique whole-home energy approach that helps households visualise their home’s potential for renewable energy. By analysing household energy use, property type, local weather patterns and time of use tariffs, the software is able to provide optimised combinations of renewable technologies that deliver the biggest energy and CO2 savings.

The marriage of our expert advice with Warmur’s software for calculating the green energy potential will radically simplify the upgrade process. For the first time consumers confused about where to start and which combination of upgrades to go for will have the tools and advice available to find the right course of action for them.

Warmur and Heating Hub share the same goal of helping consumers make well-informed decisions about home-energy. We’re beyond excited to share our plans for the future with you, enriching Heating Hub’s existing bespoke services with Warmur’s state of the art calculator.

We will continue to offer personalised advice and will always hold an impartial position in the market where households can get trusted and expert advice. 


* IPSOS survey - View Article