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Jo & Caroline's Impartial guide to a new boiler installation

Why our e-book?

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Why this e-book?

A new boiler installation is a big investment, often needed at short notice leaving you little time to make the right choice.

You will have a great number of questions. What type of boiler should I have? Which is the best boiler? Should I have a smart control? Which installer should I use? Which building regulations apply to my installation?

It is hard to find the answers to all these questions and impossible to get impartial advice.

We have compiled this e-book to bring you the guidance you need to answer the most common questions and help you make better choices in what can be a sea of conflicting advice.

In this e-book we guide you on boiler type, building regulations you may need to consider, sizing your boiler, getting quotes, the Gas Safe registration, heating controls and compatibility, thermostatic radiator valves, power flushing, efficiency, best boilers and more!

Our new and improved e-book is fresh out of publication and we are excited to get it out to our visitors. Whilst we wait to build it into our website for download, we can email it directly to you.

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Very helpful e-booklet

The e-booklet was really useful in understanding different types of boiler and which type would be best suited to our house / needs. Very helpful. - Louise

Very insightful

Downloaded the E-Book and was very insightful, provided me the information I was looking for. I also loved the website easily accessible and detailed. Definitely would recommend! - Louis

Brilliant e-book

Brilliant e-book download. Helped when I needed a new boiler - Len

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