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Jo Alsop

Founder of The Heating Hub & Chartered Surveyor

Jo Alsop - Biography

Jo is a qualified chartered surveyor and ex-heating company owner. Having started a domestic heating business in 2007, Jo has amassed considerable experience of the UK’s domestic boiler market. 



A keen writer, Jo spent nearly a decade blogging about boilers and heating whilst running her heating business. Over time her impartial, honest articles attracted a national audience and formed the foundation for a pioneering new consumer website for boiler customers.


In 2018, she converted the company’s website to a domestic heating platform that gives impartial guidance to heating customers. The website proved immensely popular, attracting 100,000s of readers, because it was the first site to provide expert, independent advice to help consumers do proper research before buying a boiler.


However, during her ongoing research into boilers and installation practices Jo discovered gaps in both efficiency and skills that mean boilers in the UK are not as efficient as consumers are led to believe, nor do heating systems last as long as they should.


Jo now campaigns to spread knowledge and understanding of heating system best practice to improve standards across the sector. Changing the culture of an entire industry is a huge task, particularly when 99% of installers have not undergone the right training to setup modern boilers correctly.


As someone who believes in finding practical solutions to deliver meaningful change, Jo re-launched The Heating Hub platform with the option to “let us do it for you” whereby consumers can get ultimate peace of mind by handing over the boiler selection and installer selection to The Heating Hub team.


The company’s Hero Support combines a higher specification and efficiency standard developed by Jo and a panel of experts (aka the Healthy Heating Standard) with a network of Elite Installers who can deliver correctly designed heating systems. This hands-on service is the first of its kind to ensure consumers get an independent recommendation for a high-efficiency boiler and that it is installed to run as it was designed.


Jo believes that it is a template for the whole industry to aspire to.

We have put together the UK’s first heating service to prioritise heating system design and engineer skill to deliver correctly setup boilers. We are promoting the very best of what the gas industry has to offer. For years the market has pushed down quality and devalued engineer skill in pursuit of lower prices, but this is a false economy. We are pushing it back in the right direction, while retaining good value through correct boiler and control selection.