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Kimbo Betty

Owner of Heating Academy Northampton

Kimbo Betty - Biography

Kimbo spent his early life in the Armed Forces Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers followed by 15 years in R&D crash testing motor vehicles, before spending 14 years as a domestic heating installer. 



A talented engineer with a naturally enquiring mind, Kimbo went beyond the basics of his trade to research and learn the physics of heating system design and create new installation techniques to improve efficiency.


After his retirement, Kimbo developed a training course to pass on his knowledge and to date it is the only course of its kind that teaches correct heating system design. So far around 900 installers have been through his academy, nearly all of whom have been astonished to realise the gaps in their knowledge.


Kimbo has played a crucial part in the creation of the Healthy Heating Standard and his installer connections have been vital for recruiting the most competent installers to our Elite Network.


Installers have been badly let down by an industry that requires us to fit condensing boilers but has not provided training on how to do so correctly. The installers that come on my course are self-motivated and ready to learn, but nearly all lack an understanding of condensing design principles. I have often felt disillusioned by the heating industry, but working on the panel and creating the Healthy Heating Standard has given me hope that we can raise standards and increase energy efficiency. - Kimbo Betty