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We've asked the UK's leading heating experts to bring their knowledge and experience to our website and speak directly to you about domestic heating. 

Industry Experts

What is the alternative to a heat pump?

What will follow gas boilers? It won't be hydrogen boilers. Rob Whitney, senior product manager at Tepeo, explains the technology behind heat battery boilers as an alternative to a heat pump for some households. Go to What is the alternative to a heat pump?


A smart oil boiler than can run on 100% waste biofuels

Oil has no role in our low carbon future, however the sector continues to evolve in both technology and a 100% waste biofuel that could help off-grid homes decarbonise quickly. Reece Summerfield of Sapphire oil boilers reviews the future of oil. Go to Smart oil boilers and biofuel developments.


Why simple radiator balancing can massively reduce your heating bills

As millions of households face much higher energy bills, we are looking for low cost ways to reduce our heating costs. Few of use understand the important role radiator balancing plays in how much energy we use. Dave Kempster of Drayton explains how to unlock better boiler efficiencies through your radiators. Go to Auto radiator balancing efficiency guide


What is multi-room heating and how can it benefit me?

By controlling the temperature of every room in your house and programming when the radiator is on based on when you use the room, you can reduce how much energy you use for heating. Dave Kempster of Drayton controls discusses how smart TRVS work in practice. Go to Multi-room smart TRV guide.


Tackling the UK's culture of premature boiler replacement

a new boiler will rarely save you enough money to recoup the upfront cost of installation over its lifetime. Jo Alsop tackles the three industry myths that encourage an unnecessary boiler replacement and provide help to keep your boiler running for longer and more efficiently. Go to: Save £2.5-£4k when you don't replace your boiler.


The future is electric - is an electric boiler right for my home?

As we move to low carbon heating sources, electric boilers offer a way for many homes to come away from fossil fuels. Chris Allan of the Electric Heating Company provides an in-depth review of electric boilers, when they are suitable and discusses ways to reduce your electricity costs. Go to Is electric heating a low carbon option for my home?


Smart hot water cylinders, an easy way to decarbonise our homes

How do we decarbonise our energy use? The answer is, little by little. Switching to electric hot water and utilising cheap overnight renewable electricity tariffs is a simple way for many households to reduce their gas consumption. David White of Mixergy discusses the many benefits of their smart cylinder. Go to Smart hot water cylinders, our low carbon future.


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