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12 steps to buying a new boiler

Arranging a new boiler installation can be a minefield. We have put together 12 of our core guides to help you navigate the pitfalls of poor installation practices.

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1) Check which boiler type is best for you

Guidance on whether you have a combi, system and regular boiler and pros and cons of changing boiler type.

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2) Guidance if you need to move your boiler

Lots of advantages to moving your boiler to a garage or loft to free up space, although might be less efficient. 

3) Size your boiler

Boiler oversizing is common in the UK and leads to poor operation and wear and tear. Get help sizing your boiler correctly.

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4) Boiler warranties guide

Boiler manufacturers' warranties now extend to 12 years from some boiler manufacturers. Our review to extended warranties.


5) Maximising boiler efficiency

Boilers are not A-rated out of the box, they need to be correctly set up by the installer to achieve their higher efficiencies.

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6) Boiler Installation Costs

Use our calculator to get an estimate of cost for your new boiler installation. No personal details are required.


7) Review thermostats and smart controls

We give a high level view of this vast topic and point you in the right direction for more help.

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8) Powerflushing and system cleaning

A clean system is very important for efficiency. Read about the measures installers take to keep it clean.

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9) Guide to installers and accredited installer schemes

Many manufacturers run accredited installer schemes. We review the pros and cons of using an accredited installer.

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10) Guide to boiler finance and others ways to pay

Boiler finance is a popular way to pay for a boiler. We review finance packages against other ways to pay.


11) Guide to central heating costs

If you're replacing your radiators as well as your boiler we guide you on costs and installation times.

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12) Hot water cylinder options

We guide you on cylinder types and costs if you have a system or regular boiler.

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Hero Support

We hope our 12 steps have helped, if at any point you want to hand your project over to us we'd be happy to do it for you.

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