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Female Plumber

Stepping into a man's world

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House energy rating

Hydrogen boilers or air source heat pumps?

For UK households, the next 5-30 years will be a transition to one of a mix of possible heat sources including ‘green gas’ boilers (biomethane/hydr

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Father and son in bath

Focus on high temperature heat pumps

What role can high temperature heat pumps play in rolling out this renewable technology in our old and poorly insulated housing stock?

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Electric boilers for home heating

Long considered an overly expensive alternative to gas and oil boilers, electric boilers are likely to feature more in our low-carbon heating futur

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Father with toddlers in bath

Our ultimate guide to Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a hot topic with the UK Government identifying them as playing a major role in decarbonising our homes to meet our net zero by 2050

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Family eating

Our guide to hybrid heat pumps

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