About Us

Why do so many customers have to venture far for a great service? British Gas, Help-link, Hassle Free Boilers, Glow Green, none of these companies are based here and yet they are active locally.

Our aim it to offer our customers the same great service - 10 year boiler guarantees and low costs finance plans - but on their doorstep. It does not stop there however. We want to stay a strong and reputable company by following some key commitments to our customers:

  • Install systems that last: our starting point is always to use good quality products and install them well to create a heating system that lasts; cheap products are a false economy.
  • Be accessible: our showroom in Rochester is open 6 days a week for anyone to walk in all and speak to us about heating, controls, boilers and finance
  • Support local people: all of our engineers and apprentices are from North Kent and we support local food producers through our customer hampers.
  • Build skill levels amongst our staff: we invest heavily in skills and training to produce high standards of workmanship and customer service for our customers. We believe that a company of highly skilled, employed engineers with a strong apprenticeship programme creates an environment of learning, loyalty and high standards of workmanship.
  • Be a sustainable local business: we are a company of employed engineers; we do not sub contract our heating works.