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Be valued for your technical competence

About Our Elite Installer Network

We only recruit installers that have reached a higher level of technical competence

We are reversing the trends that devalue engineer knowledge and skill

Be part of our game changing business for domestic heating

We are providing an alternative to one-size-fits-all, unspecified and poorly setup boiler installations. We are championing engineer skill and knowledge and setting the bar for the rest of the industry to meet.

Jo Alsop, Founder of The Heating Hub


When we say elite, we are not necessarily talking about installers that fit 100s of boilers, have 1,000s of twitter followers or have lots of reviews about tidiness and timeliness. Which is not to say these things are unimportant. Tidiness and timeliness are very important and social media can showcase your work, but we are primarily focused on your technical competence.


We have recruited a network of installers who - through self-learning and undertaking what training is available - have reached the standard of technical competence needed to maximise the efficiency of condensing boilers.

We are looking for more competent and keen installers to join our network. There is no upfront cost, but you must meet our minimum standards of technical competence as set in our Healthy Heating Standard and pledge to meet the terms our Elite Installer Charter. If you do not yet meet our standards, we can assist you with training and support groups.

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