We Compare Manufacturer Smart Controls

Which boiler manufacturers offer Smart Heating Controls for their boilers? How much do manufacturers’ smart controls cost compared to Hive and Nest? Which boilers are compatible with smart controls? 

Welcome, to the ULTIMATE guide to boiler manufacturers’ smart controls verses Nest and Hive. We investigate which manufacturers produce their own controls, compare warranty periods, price, function and compatibility with their boiler range. The tables below set out prices for the base thermostat, additional costs for hot water temperature controls, warranty periods and add on functions.

The Results

Only Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Glow Worm and Viessmann currently manufacture their own smart heating control unit. If you wish to install an internet control option with a Baxi, Potterton, Main or Ferroli boiler for example, then you will need to use an independent brand such as Nest or Hive.

  Worcester Vailiant Glow worm Viessmann Nest Hive





Vititronic 200+
Vitoconnect 100 OPT01

3rd Generation

Active Heating

Base unit/thermostat - suitable for combi boilers




£334 - for thermostat and interface unit

£179.99 + fitting

costs - varies

£179 (£249 fitted)

Addional costs /
requirement for seperate hot
​water controls (where a hot water cylinder is present).

£132 - integral diverter valve for 12-30i system boiler range

£65 - VR66 two zone wiring centre

Additional £67 for system and regular hot water control


Will require wiring
centre or internal or external diverter

valves - costs will vary according to set up.

Will require wiring
​centre or internal

or external

diverter valves - costs will vary according to

set up.


£95 - integral diverter valve for 12-30i system boiler range






Combined cost for
heating and hot
water controls





£240 - £320

£240 - £320

Warranty / Guarantee

8-10 year guarantee when fitted with a new Worcester boiler

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

Advantages to using a manufacturer’s control

There are many advantages to selecting smart controls produced by the boiler manufacturer over a specialist brand such as Nest or Hive. For example, the controls are designed to go with the boiler and their technical helpline staff will understand the set up more specifically, particularly in relation to the hot water control options.

Worcester Bosch will extend the guarantee on their WAVE controls to mirror that of the boiler if installed at the same time (8-10 years) and Vaillant have plans to do the same, although this is not currently the case.


The disadvantages to manufacturer smart controls are that the controls are more expensive for combi boiler systems and there is some reduced function compared to the Nest and Hive. When introducing hot water temperature controls the cost level out a bit.

None of the boiler manufactuers give any add on functions. Both the Hive and Nest will do an additional heating zones and provide sensor and geo-location features to bring the boiler on when you are close to home. The Nest will control third party smart radiator valves and also gives options to integrate a camera and CO detector.

Top 7 Tips for Selecting a Smart Heating Control
  1. Not all of the boilers in a manufacturer's range will work with their own smart control - see table below to check compatibility
  2. Use the Worcester WAVE when fitting a new Worcester boiler to get an extended guarantee of upto 10 years on the controls - well worth the extra cost.
  3. If you are fitting controls retrospectively on an existing boiler, then a Nest or Hive are cheaper than manufacturer smart controls with more functionality
  4. If you want to fit another popular boiler brand such as a Baxi, Potterton, Main or Ferroli then your only option is the Nest or Hive.
  5. If you want to fit Smart Radiator Valves to better ‘zone’ your heating system then your only option is the Nest.
  6. If you want to control your hot water temperature from your smart phone then additional components are required - see tables.
  7. If you want to control more than one zone via the smart control then you have to use the Nest or Hive controls (unless you are opting for a Viessmann boiler).​
Summary of functions and compatibility 

All six products will control the a one zone heating system, put the hot water on a timer and improve efficiency with weather compensation features. NB not all boilers in a manufacturer's range are compatible with their own smart heating control.

  Worcester Vailiant Glow worm Viessmann Nest Hive

Heating controls

Hot water timer

/ boost

Hot water


Weather/load compensation

Additional zone capabilities










boiler ranges

CDi and i boiler ranges

Ecotec boiler range

Energis, Betacom,

Energy, Easicom,Essential

and Home boilers

Vitodens 200

boiler range

Most combi,

regular and

system boilers

- switch live and

low voltage systems

Most combi,

regular and 

system boilers.


boiler types

System and combi boilers

System, regular

and combi boilers

System, regular and

combi boilers

System and

combi boilers






Regular boilers


Regular boilers



with some

external controls

which have to be removed