Our Engineers and Apprenticeships

All of our engineers are recruited because they have shown aptitude in their field and a desire to improve. We invest in them to be rounded, multi-skilled engineers capable of understanding and installing modern heating systems.

Whilst so much of our work incorporates renewable energy systems, we believe the foundation to our business is gas. All of our engineers are gas safe registered first and we build on their skills and knowledge to install renewable technologies. We do not believe that we can, or even should, be a solely ‘renewables company’. The key to competently installing solar and biomass lies in a strong understanding of fossil fuel heating systems and the two cannot be separated in terms of industry knowledge or engineer skill.

We have a strong apprenticeship programme. We have found that the breadth of skills we need as a business is not yet met by conventional heating and plumbing courses. The future for the heating industry must combine renewable energy systems – solar, biomass and heat pumps – and for many it will be small scale renewable systems backed up by a gas boiler. It is vital that young engineers are knowledgeable in gas and renewable systems and how they can be integrated. As a company we are at the vanguard of these changes and we see our role in developing the heating engineers of the future as crucial to meeting this new skill set.