Our Commitments

We aim to operate sustainably through the use of good quality products, recycling our waste, promotion of energy saving measures, and the correct and suitable application of renewable energy systems.

Longevity of our work

We believe that quality equals longevity and longevity equals sustainable installations. Cheap heating products fitted poorly will be more expensive to repair in the long term, expire sooner and run less efficiently.

We believe everybody should have a heating system that lasts. Our heating systems are installed by qualified, skilled engineers using well manufactured products with long and meaningful manufacturers’ warranties.

We know investing a little extra upfront will save our customers £££s over the lifetime of the products. Through the provision of free information and advice via our website we aim to promote the benefits of such an approach to our customers.

Recycling committment

We aim to reuse or recycle 90% of our waste and use renewable sources of fuel for our premises as much as possible.

The table below sets out our energy consumption and waste materials (from existing site).

Energy reduction before energy generation

As a company we see our role as not only delivering efficient heating installations, but linking efficient, renewable means of producing heat with effective ways of reducing our energy consumption.

For whilst there are clear environmental benefits to switching to a renewable fuel source such as wood, reducing our heat requirement is just as beneficial, if not more so. Installing highly efficient boilers should be one of a range of measures designed to reduce our buildings’ heat requirements and we will advise customers on the benefits of cost effective system upgrades.

Renewables commitment

The market for the wholesale replacement of a gas or oil boiler with a renewable energy system is fairly restricted, even with the Government incentives. Small scale heat pumps only suit very well insulated houses. Biomass systems suit older properties, but the space and cost requirements are often a barrier to installation.

While we install larger domestic biomass and small scale commercial, we are keen to find ways for the ‘average’ homeowner, by which we mean the vast majority of us, to integrate renewable energy systems in their homes. We already serve a small scale domestic market through our gas work; we want to offer those same customers the opportunity to access renewable fuel sources such as a wood burning stove or solar thermal panels. As ‘cross heating’ experts we are well placed to take on this work and advise customers on how they can make a positive contribution to protecting the environment and save money.

We will continue to offer small scale renewable heating options to domestic customers, giving quality and accurate advice on fuel savings potential and reduced carbon emissions. We will also provide advice on how to reduce our heat requirement through cost effective upgrades to our heating systems – see OUR GUIDE TO ENERGY SAVING MEASURES.